Fishing in Florida is could be likened to real estate . It all about location, location, location. For the Florida salt water fishing visitor that takes on more significance and local knowledge is very important when snook fishing in Florida, . Florida fishing guides earn their living by insuring their customers have an opportunity to catch fish. Some Florida fishing guides are better than others. Fishing in Florida is so much more fun when you are catching fish in Florida.

How to Choose Your Fishing Guide

First of all make sure you choose a fishing guide who is a professional and does not just own a boat. Many Florida fishermen try to earn side money by booking fishing trips. Choose a professional fishing guide that is full time. Your chances for a successful fishing trip increase dramatically. Word of mouth is huge in the fishing guide business. Ask around, check with friends or check with the fishing lodge you may be staying at. Ask the fishing guide for references. Any Florida fishing guide with his or her salt will be happy to oblige.

What’s it cost to hire a Florida Fishing Guide?

The cost of your fishing trip usually is set by the day or half day. Expect to pay between 300 and 600 dollars for a fishing trip. Does that seem like a lot of money? It really is not when you consider the value you receive for your money. No boat expenses or responsibilities, you don’t have to buy boat insurance and you are free to enjoy the day . You literally can show up for your fishing trip with the clothes on your back and some sunscreen. A good fishing guide takes care of the rest, including tackle, bait and most importantly knowledge of where the big fish are. Ask where you will be fishing. Will it be a flats fishing trip , open water or backwoods country?

Are there any guarantees if I book a Florida fishing guide?

We have not run across many fishing guides in Florida that guarantee results, however most fishing guides will be able to put you on fish during your fishing trip. The more species specific you trip is, the more difficult it will be to catch them. That’s the great thing about fishing. One recent trip that was planned for snook fishing, we caught redfish and trout too numerous to count. Our fishing guide took us to a spot and told us to throw our baits to a specific location. Remember, location, location, location? Minutes later we landed our first snook of the day. That was money well spent.