Snook Fishing In The Everglades National Park of Florida

by on December 13, 2008

The Florida Everglades is an area full of wildlife such as, alligators, egrets, and our personal favorite, snook.  This is a protected natural park with a whopping size of 1.5 million acres. You will not see any signs of developments in this area, which will make you think you’re not in the United States, and has many areas rarely visited by man.

The area’s creeks, bays and rivers are lined with mangroves. These areas and sandy beaches and shores along the Gulf of Mexico are filled with a variety of flora and fauna. You will find the famous Florida Gator and a lot of migrating birds in this primeval environment.

But another special thing it has to offer aside from these great sights and wildlife is the area’s great fishing locations. Snook fishing in the Everglades National Park is not like anything you can imagine. It is an amazing and unique experience for most anglers. The scenery is an added bonus for the anglers who brave their way into snook fishing in these areas.

When you go fishing here for snook, you will experience a sharp contrast between the environment’s serenity and peaceful atmosphere and the chaos and excitement when a snook decides he wants a bite your  bait. You will probably hold your breath several times in this area because it is very common to see a very large snook of magnificent beauty and grace sitting motionlessly in one area about 10 to 50 feet away from you.

Snook are very abundant in the Everglades National Park of Florida, especially in Chokoloskee Florida. It was even dubbed as the Snook Capital of the World. You probably know by now that anglers consider snook as the most popular and sought after gamefish in  Florida. Anglers are very much challenged with snook behavior when hooked. They will jump out of the water and they will swim to a structure like mangroves to cut off your line. These gamefish are very fast and keen—the characteristics that made them so well-loved by anglers.

Aside from the thrill you can get by seeing this creature on its natural habitat, you also have the chance to beat the world record of the largest snook ever caught in Florida weighing about 44 lbs. 11 ounces . This fish was caught in Chokoloskee so who knows maybe will get a chance to catch one of his relatives. as long as you know the basics and also some tricks and techniques in catching the very popular snook.

You can also enjoy sight fishing and snook fishing in the everglades because of the warm weather all year round. So after your family’s Vacation In Orlando Florida trip to Sea World, Disney World, Epcot Center, or Busch Gardens, why not pack your fishing gear and head to Florida’s everglades and experience for yourself the one of a kind thrill you can only experience when you go snook fishing in this wonderful haven of snook.

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