Snook Fishing In Florida , Story Telling

by on December 13, 2008

Everyone has a fish story to tell. The one that got away. The one that you had your hands on that managed to flip his tail and slip your grip, making his way back to his home. I have one myself I would like to share. It happened while snook fishing in Florida

One Florida morning, on a guided trip our guide pulled the boat up parallel to a Mangrove head and told us this was his honey hole. We baited up with live bait just caught hours before. As we began to make our casts, it was obvious Captain Ken knew what he was talking about. Within a few minutes my partner and I had landed 8 to 10 smaller snook , but catching was fun all the same. We also landed a few red and trout for good measure.

I picked out a spot that was a little closer to the Mangroves. You know sometimes when you’re fishing, you pick a spot and say to yourself, momma or daddy has to be in there.

As my line settled I felt that unmistakable bump, sudden but will a little more conviction that what I had been feeling most of the day. The line quickly drew taut and I pulled back to set the hook. Instantly I knew something was different. It honestly felt like I had latched on to the back of a car. This fish had power and I was soon to figure out this fish was smart.

I tired desperately to move him closer to the boat but he wasn’t in the mood. Suddenly he made a diagonal run across from right to left and I wasn’t gaining any line. He darted back towards the mangroves and I tried desperately to turn him around. No luck he was now in the mangroves and I was left with trying to horse him out. He broke free for an instant and took off for more mangroves. My fishing buddy blurted out, now this is snook fishing !

I was out of options as I tried to pull him clear. As I steadily slowly pull his head came out of the water between a few Mangroves reeds. His mouth was wide open and his head was as big as my own. He slid back under the water and surfaced one more time long enough to spit the hook back at me and he was gone. I was left with no fish, but the memory of a lifetime.

Snook fishing in Florida has some addictive characteristics. It only takes one encounter like that and you will be hooked too.  That was many years ago , but that story never gets left out of any fishing discussion I’m involved with . My buddy was right , that’s snook fishing in Florida

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