Florida Snook Fishing With A Guide

by on November 13, 2009

Having lived in Florida my entire life, fishing had become a way of life . As a child I would wade into the waters of Tampa Bay with a bucket of live shrimp and a fisherman was born. Some time later I caught my first snook and a snook fisherman was born. Snook Fishing is considered by many to be some of the most exciting shallow water game fishing in the world. There is nothing quite like hooking into a big linesider to get your heart pounding a mile a minute. Snook fishing Florida in the inshore flats, bays and barrier islands of the Florida Gulf Coast is the best in the continental United States.

Having one of those trips led by and expert guide is and adventure of a lifetime. When our son was about to graduate high school I paid a guide $400.00 for a day on the beautiful water of the Charlotte Harbor area. It was late spring and the morning was unusually crisp and cool for Florida . Fishing in the spring is one of the greatest times of the year to fish for Snook We arrived at dawn of course and set out for a day of snook fishing we still tell stories about.

All told we must have landed 40 0r 50 snook between us that day . Florida law allows one snook per person within the slot limit size of 26 to 34 inches (the slot) to be kept during the open season Most were either inside the slot or just on the outside of the slot. Florida law allows one snook per person within the slot limit size of 26 to 34 inches to be kept during the open season It didn’t matter. It was a catch and release day for the most part anyway. Snook fishing on a Florida fishing charter is as is fun and doing it once will only make you want to experience it again.

We will be providing information as to how to catch snook, where to catch them and have a story or two long the way. Fishing for Snook In Florida simply has no equal.

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