Chumming Up Snook For More Hook-Ups

by on November 1, 2008

How many times have you been snook fishing in Florida and seemingly every lure or live bait you tried did not work? That is snook fishing. Some days you are the bug. Some days you are the windshield . Heck that is fishing in general isn’t it? How do you get snook to bite? What can you do when snook do not want anything to do with whatever bait you choose?

Sometimes snook need a little persuading to eat. Typically snook are voracious feeders, but sometimes lockjaw sets in and they will need a reason to bite. Snook turn on and off quickly so consider adding a chum to attract their attention.

A snook-fishing guide in Ft. Myers showed this technique one-day years ago and it has worked since. After spending about 30 minutes using a cast net to catch our bait for the day we were off to his favorite hot spots.

We entered a small canal lined with mangroves on either side. The fishing guide opened his tackle box and pulled out a plastic baseball bat. The top of the bat had been cut off. He reached into the live well and began grabbing handfuls of whitebait, gently pinching their heads and filling the plastic bat with the live, but injured bait fish.

He then proceeded to swing the bat towards the shore and skip the baitfish across the top of the water. Almost instantly the fish started trying to get out of the area like they were in a bad neighborhood. . Snook began exploding the top of the water and the feeding frenzy was on. The next 5 casts into this spot produced 5 snook. You can then skip a soft bait across the top of the water or free line a live bait in the frenzy. Snook will generally accept both at that point. It is not necessary to continue chumming for snook once they get warmed up but this sure woke up the snook in this area. Once you have the snook attention your day will get better instantly. By the way is there anything better than watching a snook explode on a top water bait or lure?

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