A Beginners Guide To Snook Fishing In Florida

by on October 15, 2008

Snook has been considered by most anglers as the most glamorous, challenging, and appealing game fish along the coasts of Florida. The natural beauty of the creature and the feeling it gives them when the fish put up a fight mesmerizes anglers.

If you are interested in fishing for snook, here is some basic information that you will need.

·    Snook are not so picky when it comes to baits and lures. But these creatures could be unpredictable and stubborn. This is what makes them more attractive to anglers. The bait that you used today that made you catch snook may not work tomorrow. So it is best to try different styles and be very, very patient.
·    The peak season for these fish is late spring and early summer, or from March to June. During these times, you could probably catch a 10-pound snook, or in some very rare instances, if you really get lucky, a 30-pound snook. This is the time for spawning or mass production of eggs.
·    You can usually find snook around the Gulf of Mexico, and in some areas of the coasts of Florida.
·    Snook can live in warm temperature. Living in cold temperature could be dangerous for snook. They can live comfortably from 68 degrees Fahrenheit to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the reason why during warm weather, you can enjoy great snook fishing. So be well-informed about the weather and temperature for you to have a greater chance of catching an elusive snook.
·    In winter season, snook become lazy (although they are generally lazy most of the time) because of slower metabolism. In this case, don’t use live bait that moves a lot. Instead, use artificial lures.
·    The activities of snook are greatly affected by the moon’s phases. You should consider this, plus other factors such as barometer, temperature and time of year to have a very successful snook fishing trip.
·    Moreover, because of major or even minor changes in the world, snook are also somewhat changing their routines and hang-outs. If you want to be a good snook angler, make sure that you don’t go fishing for snook irregularly. Make it a routine or a habit to keep track of their ever-changing routines and behaviours.
·    The best spots where you can find snook are in the deep waters with a strong tide. You can also fish in bridges and piers, canals, and underwater obstacles.
·    It is better to go snook fishing at night because snook, especially the large ones, are active feeders at night.
·    Be very quiet when fishing. These creatures are very sensitive when it comes to noises that they are not used to hearing.
·    One of The best lures for snook is shrimp. You can use live baits if you’re a beginner. But if you want challenge, use artificial baits.
·    If you are fishing on the flats, make sure that there are no jet skiers around the area. Jet skiing in flats can drive the snook and other fish away and is also harmful to grass beds.

Now that you know a few the basics in snook fishing, go ahead and try catching these spectacular fish. Enjoy your day of Snook Fishing in Florida and be sure to share your story

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